April 2013

April 23, 2013

Dear friends and partners,

Yesterday was a rather special day. Yesterday I was given an award by the Prime Minister of Cambodia: Samdech Hun Sen. It was also my 65th birthday and I received an award that was created in the year I was born. It was a special day because I didn’t expect this high an honor – it was special because the award was given in the back of beyond – in a small rural village where we have built a school, do savings and put in wells – the protocol people had been phoning a number of times – where was I – I was on a road with potholes large enough to swallow the car. It was very special because the honor was given amongst the people we have come to serve – 6000 villagers – people we work with were there to share the honor with me. It was an honor because it was given with pleasure and received with a deep sense of humbleness and thanksgiving


And as we travelled home I reflected on just how good my life is – we stopped and visited homes were just the basic necessities of life were finally being met– things such as eating good food, having a second set of clothes, blankets and mosquito nets – items and life style I take for granted and almost with a sense of entitlement – it was special day because I realized yet again that life is not about entitlement – it is about a gift of life – about privileges that so many in the world fail to have.

Yesterday was special because I once again marveled how truly blessed I am – how humbled I am that my life is full of sharing my life with others – how very privileged I am that I work in a country where the people actually matter – a country where the government does not feel threatened by people like myself – the only country where I have never been threatened - rather the opposite – encouraged to help those who struggle.  

Yesterday was special because I am reminded once again that I am honored by my God who gave me life itself  - I am honored by the staff who work with me, I am honored by all of you – who stand beside us. How good that is.


PS: in case you have forgotten – do remember to stand with us in the 1 in a Million Campaign for Nokor Tep Women’s hospital