September 2013

Graduation day

September 4, 2013

Dear friends and partners,

Today we have ended our past year of work – a year when so many dreams and journeys came to fruition – a year when we graduated 25,446 families with 203,568 dependents. Graduation is not the normal expectations of receiving a grade or an award – for Tabitha Cambodia and the families we work with it is simply a stage in a journey when our families have moved from absolute poverty to middle class rural families. It marks a journey where our families have achieved the basic necessities of life such as ….

Graduation is about celebrating life itself and marking yet another stage in the lives of our families – they will continue to grow and flourish and Tabitha will begin the process again with other families who are just beginning the journey. It’s been a remarkable year – each of you has enabled so many to journey with dignity and pride – I thank my God for the privilege of standing with so many – I thank my God because of each of you. How good that is!