February 2014

Dear friends and partners,

It seems that time just flies by these days. We have been blessed with a large number of house building teams and visitors. That is always good. With the visitors, many of whom are donors, we have opportunity to show them what all of you have been helping the people we work with to achieve. An extra ordinary gift.

Some of our visitors were very interested in how the silk products were made. We took them out to the silk weavers where they were able to see the laborious process of weaving the silk….


  Hand dying the silk                         Carding and putting on spindles      Actual weaving of the silk

The process continues at the office with workers sewing and hand working all our products….


                 Sewers                                       Handwork on items                     Visitors buying the finished goods

With others, our savings programs and the impact of water sources was a major interest. How blessed we were to be able to show hectares of vegetables and rice growing in abundance. Your gifts of partnerships and water change innumerable lives – as one visitors said –ït is a “Garden of Eden”- water the gift of life. Each month we   you and Tabitha - enable another 300 families to begin their own Edens – our vision of turning Cambodia green is happening and continues to happen. How good is that!


150 hectares of fruits and vegetables                    Rice as far as the eye can see

Others were interested in the progress of families – how does this savings change lives. We took the visitors out to see the progress – families just new to the program, families several years into the program and then families who are graduating out of Tabitha this program year. How good that is to see, those who are just beginning and wondering if this will ever work ; families who are in process and excited about moving ahead; families are near to finishing their time with Tabitha – an average of 5-6 years. What a blessing that is! Currently we have 56, 160 families in various stages – thanks to all of you and the partnerships you provide.


 Just beginning                                      In process                                         Nearing completion

Some of our visitors came to see the schools they had helped build. It is a special year this year – Tabitha, with all of you, will complete 20 schools – a minimum of 10,000 young Cambodian children will learn about the mysteries of reading and writing and arithmetic – how exciting that is!


It has been a busy time since the holidays – but a good busy – a time of sharing the blessings, the goodness,  all of you have brought to so many in Cambodia. I am humbled before my God that He would allow me such a privilege – to have all of you as friends and partners, to allow us the gift of bringing peace to so many. I thank all of you – together we can bring peace to so very many more people here.


There is a change in our email address- our new address is:

tabitha@online.com.kh and tabitha.janne@online.com.kh

our old email address will continue for another month or so