March 2014

Dear friends and partners,

Dear friends and partners,

Yesterday my daughter Miriam and I went out to the projects – Miriam for a class assignment – myself to check on some of our work. It is the time of year when Miriam begins asking about what I want for my birthday – it’s a conversation we have each year – my birthday is in April and coincides with Easter. My normal quick response is a hug and a kiss – a response that my girl just ignores – what do you really want? As Miriam was taking pictures for her school assignment – her empathy for the people in our communities – for the children – leave her emotionally drained – “They are so very beautiful – they are so poor – why mama, why?”


 There is never an easy answer to why. All I can say is how we help to help alleviate the pain of others – we can offer a gift of life – water! For the past few years – my birthday has been about giving water – water that changes and enhances the lives of those who - through no fault of their own – live lives that are often so demeaning. I would like to share the story of one of our families.

Teng Vutha and his family received a birthday well in 2010 – they were very poor like so many are – with the well they were able to grow rice year round, they were able to raise pigs and chickens – and every savings cycle they would enhance their lives by buying items such as bicycles so the children could go to school, or buying a water pump for irrigation, or materials to build a new home. It was not easy – they worked very hard – sometimes they were very tired – but they never complained. It was all about life – all about reaching through the poverty and pulling themselves out. It was about life itself.



Next month we celebrate my 66th birthday – we celebrate Easter – both events are about the gift of life. I am so grateful to my God for my life, for the blessings He has given – for the gift of my daughter Miriam. How better to celebrate than to bring a gift of life to others who struggle. I am bold and would like to share 660 water sources so that another 1200 families may begin the journey of building a better life. Will you help me to do that?

How good it is to have life – how good it is that we stand together in life. Happy Easter,